Molineux - The Golden Fortress

Drive around the Wolverhampton Ring Road and you can't miss Molineux Stadium.

Mark Johnson's Football Fans Guide book describes Molineux  as being one of the top six football stadiums in the country, with an atmosphere to go with it - Mark your assessment is spot on.

Our friends up the road at Villa go on about their stadium but lets face it Villa Park has two very dated stands, the Holte End is too big and you only fill it four or five times a season. So why is Deadly Doug increasing the capacity ??

The idiots at the Hawthorns can boast the highest ground above sea level in the country and the lowest IQ's of any fans in the country.

St Andrew's is a toilet and Bescot not much bigger than our bathroom. Molineux is the best ground in the West Midlands without a doubt.

With a capacity of 28,500 it is just about big enough for us at the moment but with Premier League football around the corner  the capacity will need to be increased.

We also have some of the best pre match food available around - quality burgers, pig roast and grey peas and bacon on offer. Having said that my matchday favourite  has got to be Mr Tikka - you can't beat it !

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